MiX Hours of Service

The time is now

Driver fatigue is a serious concern for any fleet operator, but nothing new. For years, the number of fatigue-related accidents have been directly linked to the number of hours spent driving. In fact, the first driving hours laws were introduced to drivers of commercial vehicles in the first half of the 20th Century.

Since then, there have been exceptional advances in technology as well as an increased focus on protecting the lives of road-based employees. Which is why MiX Telematics is proud to introduce MiX Hours of Service (HOS), designed to actively manage driver fatigue – and in so doing uphold compliance, lessen risk and reduce fatigue-related incidents.

Take care of your own

MiX HOS is a state-of-the-art technology component of the MiX Fleet Manager Premium and MiX SafeDrive solutions. This sophisticated offering covers the entire operational business process of driver fatigue management.

Centralised driver management

Thanks to the MiX software platform, managers can monitor their drivers’ on-duty hours and activities through a single interface.

Log viewing and editing

MiX HOS enables drivers, managers and authorities to view driver logs electronically and in real-time as a graph or table summary. Driver status data can be edited for specific scenarios.

HOS reporting

Summarised, detailed and dynamic reports are available via MiX’s reporting suite, MiX Insight Reports. Reports include driver logs and violations – viewable via the software platform, or as an email in a variety of formats.

Comprehensive rule-set support

MiX HOS caters for regulated and non-regulated electronic driving hours environments, and supports all required regulatory HOS rule-sets by region. It also enables the easy implementation of company-specific HOS rules.

Real-time alerts

Managers receive real-time alerts should drivers violate defined parameters. This lowers risk by allowing for immediate and effective intervention in reducing fatigue-related accidents.

Optional: Monitoring off-duty hours

For customers who want to manage more than just driving hours, MiX HOS can be adapted for driver input. This enables the monitoring of further working hours as well as off-duty/rest hours.

Optional: Driver input

A Timeclock kiosk can be set up as a data entry point, allowing drivers to log their hours using their blue driver plugs as identification. The Rovi II, which is fitted in-cab, not only logs driver input, but sends alerts to drivers as well.



Safer drivers, better business

MiX HOS not only simplifies adherence to HOS rules, but keeps drivers safe and productive in the process. Combined with improved business processes, the solution can deliver real business and safety outcomes.

  • Safer drivers not only benefit themselves and other road users, but improve service quality and reduce operational costs.
  • Less paperwork due to electronic logging saves time and money, while ensuring an accurate means of managing driver safety.
  • Compliance with region-specific regulations and policies is taken care of, while managers can rest assured that their duty-of-care and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) responsibilities are being met.
  • Productivity increases, along with efficiency and effectiveness of managing driver fatigue and daily operations.
  • Lower risk, liability and costs are achieved by optimising the fatigue management process, preventing drowsy driving and reducing the likelihood of accidents as a result.

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MiX Hours of Service