GreenRoad SafeTrack

GreenRoad SafeTrack™

Smart Safety and Tracking Solution

Take control of your drivers and vehicles with GreenRoad SafeTrack™

Running business operations involving a fleet of vehicles and drivers or mobile workforce requires a delicate balan ce between work efficiency, operational costs and driving safety.

Our integrated safety and tracking solution, GreenRoad SafeTrack, equips fleet managers with essential

tools for reducing driver errors while optimizing vehicle operations.

  • Motivate your drivers to improve their risky behaviour
  • Create  predictable  and  safe  driving  across  the  organization
  • Monitor safety events, idling, fuel, engine hours and vehicle health
  • Live track your vehicles and their associated drivers, anywhere you go
  • Reduce collision, wear & tear, insurance and fuel costs

The Safety and Tracking Synergy

While safety and tracking can be implemented separately, integrating them together delivers significant benefit to fleet managers. Above all, the dynamic association between driver behaviour, vehicle data, driving trips and location information creates a comprehensive picture of how each individual driver and vehicle is performing compared to teammates, other vehicles and required standards.

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GreenRoad SafeTrack meshes three components to deliver the safety-tracking synergy:

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GreenRoad Drive™, a mobile application that turns your smartphone into an intelligent, in-vehicle driving coach with post driving insights and intuitive management tools.
Capture 20.PNG GreenRoad Smart OBDII™, a small device that plugs into the vehicle’s  OBDII  port.  It provides continuous monitoring on the vehicle’s location and health.
Capture 21.PNG GreenRoad Central™, a web-based application for deep analysis and insights into your fleet’s live status and on-going performance, combining data from both GreenRoad Drive and GreenRoad Smart OBDII.

Improving Driver Behavior

GreenRoad  Drive identifies distinct categories of safety events and distracted driving.  When a safety event is detected, GreenRoad Drive provides an immediate voice and visual alert to the driver and captures the event details for further analysis after the trip.

Drivers get full access to their trip history, event details and safety scores and team rank.  Managers get intuitive tools to manage and improve drivers’ behaviour.  They can quickly award good drivers and provide bad drivers with tips for improvement, resulting in active driver engagement and motivation to obtain good safety ranks.

GreenRoad Central provides a deeper view into current and historic safety scores for each driver and each vehicle, as well as trip history and summaries by day, week and month. Every trip summary shows the end-trip reason by GreenRoad Drive mobile app.

Tracking Your Vehicles

GreenRoad SafeTrack provides meaningful real-time visibility into your fleet activity and locations. Both GreenRoad Central and GreenRoad Drive include several tools to help you address issues as they arise, locate resources and analyze driving routes and idling trends.

The Live Fleet view on both Central and Drive shows the current location of all your vehicles on the map, in the form of clusters containing several vehicles and zooming into specific vehicles.  Within the Live Fleet view the Resource Locator can help you improve your service and customer satisfaction by searching and locating the closest or the most qualified employee for a task.

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The Live List vehicles view lets the fleet manager watch vehicles usage during the day, and know when and where each vehicle was either driven or parked. Similarly, the Live List drivers view lets you know when each driver was driving during the day and the vehicles they drove. Shown as a graph or a table, every driving or parking period can be clicked to show the start time and location, end time and location, the duration and the travel distance.

Route Replay gives you full visibility into a specific vehicle’s route during a given period. It plays the route on a map along with a time stamp. Location History shows the fleet manager all the vehicles and routes that passed through or within a certain radius or a shape during a given period.

Both tools enable fleet manager to quickly respond to a customer’s complaint, investigate an accident, identify opportunities to optimize routes and trace late starts, unauthorized stops and early finishes.

Monitoring Vehicle Health and Operational Costs

GreenRoad SafeTrack pulls data from the Smart OBDII device for GreenRoad Central to monitor the vehicle health and fuel consumption. The system detects subtle indicators of emerging problems, so you can address faults well before warning lights such as “check engine” are turned on. Current and historic idling rates are displayed for drivers and vehicles, based on the Smart OBDII captured data.

These tools help fleet manager to gain control, monitor and identify the drivers and vehicles displaying excessive cost levels and taking corrective measures to lower these costs. Prevent damage before it leads to expensive breakdowns, out-of-service events, and run-time delays.

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GreenRoad SafeTrack