MiX Fleet Manager Essential

Light and affordable fleet management, for everyone.

If you thought fleet management  was only for the "heavyweights"  of the fleet world, then think again.  Introducing  MiX  Fleet  Manager  Essential,  a  solution designed to give fleets of all sizes and types exactly what they need to boost efficiency – no more, no less.

MiX  Fleet  Manager Essential enables fleet operators to track and trace the movement and behavior of their vehicles and drivers from anywhere, at any time.

For that to happen, vehicles are fitted with a small on-board computer that captures and transmits vehicle and driver data.  Users can then access this information online, via the solution ’s software platform.  Some features are also available via  MiX  Fleet  Manager  Mobile,  the solution ’s free app for Android and iOS.

Be it a fleet of trucks or a mixed fleet of cars, vans and motorcycles,  MiX  Fleet  Manager Essential is fleet management made easy. 

MiX Fleet Manager Essential

Innovative software platform

The brains behind MiX Fleet Manager Essential is its intuitive software platform. Users can log on and access activity timelines, notifications, an information hub and a host of additional features. Movement, event, and trip and utilization reports can also be generated in  MiX Insight Reports, the reporting suite available via the platform.


Vehicle tracking

MiX Fleet Manager Essential allows customers to track their vehicles on a map in real-time, or do a replay. They can define and manage locations, stops and zones, making the whereabouts of vehicles and known at all times. This functionality is accessible from the solution’s free mobile app, too.

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Drivers and vehicle management

Online or email notifications can be set up for various events, like impact, speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and harsh cornering. MiX Fleet Manager Essential also enables fleet operators to identify and manage drivers, their licenses and certifications as well as vehicles, their odometer readers, license renewals, certifications and services.


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Accessible to all

MiX Fleet Manager Essential is affordable and accessible to fleets of all types and sizes. It’s the obvious and convenient choice for operators who want to know exactly where their vehicles are and how they’re being driven.

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Increased efficiency

With knowing comes peace of mind, and the ability to make improvements and boost efficiency. By correcting driver violations, fuel consumption can be reduced, along with vehicle maintenance and potential incidents.

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