GreenRoad V5 Telematics

Driver Behavior, Tracking & Operations

GreenRoad V5.1.1 Telematics device is one of the most powerful manoeuvre detection and mobile tracking devices available.

Key Features


Telematics Unit

Real-time Safety Classification The V 5.1 detects a host of manoeuvres that drivers perform on the road.  Each manoeuvre is classified and evaluated according to safety level and category type. Manoeuvres determined unsafe or exceptional are saved and transferred to the Safety Center by the selected communication method, such as GPRS terminal.

Real-time Driver Feedback

The V5.1 can indicate unsafe driving behaviour to the driver via visual display or auditory alerts.

Display Panel: The V5.1 has a LED the display panel that provides the driver with a real-time indication of his driving safety status.

Sound: An onboard speaker can alert the driver about unsafe manoeuvres.

Location and GPS Data

GPS data is gathered in the V5.1 and transmitted to the application server, web page of a localized computer or MDT.

Driver Identification

The V5.1 identifies drivers via a Dallas iButton device.

The Dallas iButton is comprised of a key, used by the driver, and a housing that is positioned on the vehicle dashboard. When a driver touches the key to the housing, a signal is sent to the Safety Center and all safety data collected is then related to the specified driver.

System Information

V5.1 processing unit: H 20, W 80, L 120 (mm). Housing: Polycarbonate– RoHS.
Unit frequencies: Processor 14.7456 MHz               RTC 32.768 KHz           RS232 3.6864 MHz
Dashboard-mounted display unit

H 13, W 30, L 40 ( mm)

Housing: Polycarbonate– RoHS

GPRS/GPS Module:

On board BGA

Frequency: 850/900 MHz 1800/1900 MHz GPRS Protocols: UDP, TCP

GPS 20 ch. 1575.42 M Hz   Protocols: NMEA, Binary, TAIP
System Weight: 900 gm



18AWG wires to vehicle battery

2A ATO fuse


Operating Temp: *-20° to +70° C
Storage: -40° to +85°C


DC Voltage: 9 – 30 V
Sleep Mode >10 mA
Normal: 50-70mA
Transition AVG: 200mA


US EMC - FCC part 15 PTCRB

CE Mark EMC EN 301 489 & Safety EN 60950 Radio EN 301 511

E Mark                        

RoHS 2002/95/EC

Application Interface

Over The-Air-


Remote Calibration, Update of System Running Parameters

Remote Update of Maneuver Database, Remote firmware loading


In vehicle LED Display Presents real-time feedback to the driver on unsafe maneuvers that were detected and of of system operation.
Wires Two 1@wire Connections with Dallas iButton and Other Devices
Driver Association Dallas iButton
GreenRoad V5 Telematics