Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the new and improved Vehicle Technologies website!

It has been a long time coming and we are hopeful that what we have put together here is a platform that can give you an idea of who and what Vehicle Technologies are all about.

In a nutshell we at Vehicle Technologies consider ourselves Fleet Management Solution Specialists, we don’t believe that one standard Fleet Management solution works best for every fleet’s needs and in turn we offer a broad range of products and services that can scale to fit your fleets unique needs.

As such throughout this website you’ll see a range of different solutions, from full featured solutions like the MiX Telematics range of products through to tiny battered powered asset trackers from Digital Matter, and everything in between…our portfolio is as diverse as it is strong!

And what will this Blog be about I telepathically hear you thinking?  Well what I want to do is start by shedding a little bit of light on some of our products and the very cool things that are being done with them.

We at Vehicle Technologies (or just VT for short) are really lucky to be working in a dynamic and innovative industry with a lot of cool stories to tell, and I have committed myself to trying to bring a few of these to you and other fellow web travellers on regular basis.

So thanks again for stopping by, have a look around and feel free to drop us a line at any time should you wish to learn more.

Safe Travels!

Adam @ VT