Oyster Cellular

Oyster 2G/3G Cellular

Battery-Powered, IP67 Rated, Compact GPS Asset Tracker

The Oyster is a rugged, waterproof, cellular GPS tracking device designed for tracking non-powered, exposed assets where super-long battery life is essential.


  • Up to 4 years once daily location
  • Up to 1 year detailed tracking
  • IP67 water and dust proof
  • Rugged, robust and low profile
  • Off-the-shelf, replaceable Lithium AA batteries
  • No install required, simply “place ‘n trace” 
  • Switch from “locate” to “track” over-the-air
  • Battery status and low battery alert
  • Unauthorised movement alert
  • Integrated accelerometer  
Oyster Cellular

Mechanical Features

Low-profile IP67 rugged housing

The IP67 rated housing is made of sturdy ABS/Polycarbonate plastic to survive bumps and knocks and is UV stabilised to survive many years in the sun and weather. Its low-profile makes it easier to mount in the corrugation on containers or to conceal on the underside of a trailer.

Operating temperature

-20°C to +60°C

The device will operate in temperatures outside this range but battery life will be reduced

Dimensions (mm) L 115 x W 65 x H 20
Weight 250 grams including batteries



2G/3G, single micro (3FF) SIM

GSM Antenna Cellular antenna tuned by RF laboratories to ensure optimal performance
Network 2G/3G, single micro (3FF) SIM

GPS Tracking

GPS Module

High sensitivity assisted GPS receiver, 72 channel

Antenna with LNA Boosted by low-noise amplifier (LNA) allows operation in "urban canyons" and container stacks

Sleep Current

5µA (micro-amps)

Batteries 3 x AA Size 1.5V Lithium Batteries (consumer off the shelf type)
Internal Memory Flash memory can store 20,000 records
Recovery Mode Switch from Daily Locate to Live Tracking over-the-air
Auto-APN Analyse SIM and detect APN from pre-loaded list. Multi-APN on board for roaming
Text Message Setup Setup APN, server etc.
3D Accelerometer The 3 axis accelerometer allows the Oyster to “sleep” in an ultra-low power state yet still wake up when movement occurs
Adaptive Tracking Adaptive-Tracking technology enables the accelerometer and GPS data to be used intelligently to work out if it is moving and to send frequent live updates, as well as to scale the update rate down to once per day if the asset is stationary in order to preserve battery life
AssistNow Offline

Predicts satellite locations

Reduces the time to first fix

Improves performance in "urban canyons"

Performance Monitoring Track how the Oyster is using its power with intelligent performance counters. Monitor wakeups, GPS fixes, uploads and more to understand exactly what the device is doing.