Modular and expandable telematics device with Flexi-Card slot


The G100 is a highly capable GPS/GLONASS cellular tracker with a variety of inputs and outputs. The Flexi-Card slot sets it apart, providing endless integration and expansion possibilities




    • 24/7 Vehicle location
    • Cellular data when in coverage
    • Iridium satellite out of cell coverage (option)
    • Man Down Pendant (option)
    • Iridium, Wi-Fi, RF (Flexi-Card options)
    • Ignition + 4 Inputs and 2 Outputs
    • Driver ID: RFID and iButton
    • PLC interfaces: RS232 and RS485
    • 3D Accelerometer
    • Internal Back-up Battery

    Mechanical Features

    Snap-Clip ABS Plastic Housing Housing clips together for easy assembly
    Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C
    Dimensions (mm) L 125 x W 65 x H 30
    Weight 250 grams including battery
    Automotive Power 8-45V DC


    Cellular 2G/3G (Various Global Bands)
    SIM SIM holder for standard Cellular SIM card (2FF size)
    GPS and Cellular Antenna Internal antennas tuned by RF laboratories to ensure optimal performance

    GPS Tracking

    GPS Module

    U-Blox Max8 GPS, High sensitivity assisted GPS receiver, 72 channel (-167dBm)

    AssistNow Offline

    Predicts satellite locations
    Reduces the time to first fix
    Improves performance in "urban canyons"

    Antenna with LNA Boosted by low-noise amplifier (LNA) allows operation in "urban canyons"
    Recovery Mode Switch from Daily Locate to Live Tracking over- the-air
    Auto-APN Analyse SIM and detect APN from pre-loaded list
    3D Accelerometer 3 axis accelerometer intelligently reports on harsh driving and suspected accident events, as well as harsh braking, acceleration and cornering
    G-Force Events

    Accident and Rollover Accident Data (Black Box)
    Harsh Acceleration, Braking and Cornering

    Driver ID

    Driver Identification with RFID or iButton (Keyfobs)
    Driver Lists on device

    Inputs and Outputs

    5 x Digital Inputs configurable over-the-air
    2 x Switched Ground Digital Outputs

    Interfaces iButton, RS232, DMCAN, 5V Out